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Thanks to the elected Whores in office everywhere - aka Senators, Representatives, Governors - and 0BAMA:

WTP always have to take it ITA

Tired of feeling this way yet??

So how's the 'Hope' and 'Change' going for We The People??
There are good indications at these Drudge Report Archives
Most feel America is on the wrong track. Together we must change the heart of America. Will you help me?

CLEAN SWEEP FOR 2010     --    SAME PLAN FOR 2012

2010 Voting Strategy:  In the past - and in 2010 - I have voted - and will vote - not to retain any of the incumbent Whores (i.e., just about all of them), be they judges or politicians. This strategy is recommended to you by me for all Federal, State, and Local elections, be they Primary or General in nature. My theory is that a fresh, inexperienced Whore-to-be is always preferable to the incumbent Whore, who in my mind is likely to be a bribe-ridden, favor-owing, self-serving, influence-peddling, Pork-mongering, Good Old Boy - in other words: a total CLOP. Put simply, I think that any non-incumbent who is elected will probably have neither time or cunning to become a big-time criminal (er, 'politician') in only one term. Think I am too cynical? Then...

  • CURRENT: NATIONAL DEBT  - See what the Whores have done to (er, for) us!
  • There are 237 millionaires in Congress. Looks like the Whores turn a lot of tricks.
  • 0bama wants to increase National Debt to 13.5 Trillion
       - NO! to that, but HELL, YES! Shut the damn government DOWN to stop the spending!!
  • Did your Representative vote for the House "FED MED" bill (H.R.3962)? Find out here.
  • Review all your INCUMBENT'S voting records (both House & Senate) at this link.
  • Seeming unending ethic violations. Still more here. Any of your INCUMBENTS among them?
  • See Judicial Watch's Top 10 Corrupt Politicians: for 2008, and for 2009. Any of your INCUMBENTS listed?
  • Abolish the INCUMBENTS, then ABOLISH THE IRS!!
  • INconvenience the INcumbents: Make them all UNcumbents in 2010! -- It's working now!
        (thanks to

    For the record: America IS NOT a democracy!! America IS a Republic. Repeat 100 times.

    Because mendacity, obfuscation, and mis-information is SOP for both Republican and Democrat parties I hope that in 2010 a majority of Americans will vote - not for more 'Hope' and 'Change' - but to save our Republic by siezing the opportunity to:

  •   RECYCLE CONGRESS (Both Houses of Whores) and CAST THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE !! 

    Unless a challenger is a known Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Marxist, or 'Progressive' (which label could be a candidate's attempt to conceal his support for one or more of the aforementioned C/S/F/M ideologies) please vote for the non-incumbent candidates. This simple strategy will work equally well for voters of all parties.

    Be extremely vigilant to evaluate the language used by politicians and their campaigns. Liberals, Progressives, and RINOs are expert at winning by defining the terms of the battle. They also have a great advantage in that they tend to promise free stuff to the 60% of voters who think the government is there to take care of them (welfare). After all, doesn't everyone want the Free Ice Cream?

    Remember: INCUMBENT

    Most important: Those so elected (and surviving incumbents) will know that THEY WORK FOR US!!

    This web page is not the only one calling for the ouster of all House, Senate, and Whitehouse incumbents. Another excellent one is here. Check it out.

    There are a few exceptions to this strategy, individually noted below as Keepers. A Keeper is an elected official who in my view has demonstrated that s/he holds the continued future - and solvency - of our Constitutional Republic - as visioned by the Founders - above personal and political gain. Some of the Keepers noted below have been nominated by others than myself. Do you know of any who should be elevated to Keeper status?


  • Info on all INCUMBENTS is at this link
  • Real E-Mail addresses for all INCUMBENTS (Thanks to Conservative Caucus).
  • Review your INCUMBENTS voting records (both House & Senate) at this link.
  • CAST THESE SENATORS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2010:     (Election info for 2012: click here)


  • Alabama: Richard Shelby - since 1986
  • Alaska: Lisa Murkowski - since 2002
  • Arizona: John McCain - since 1983 - Sarah Palin's endorsement aside, now read this.
  • Georgia: Johnny Isakson - since 1999
  • Idaho: Mike Crapo - since 1998
  • Louisiana: David Vitter - since 2004
  • North Carolina: Richard Burr - since 2004
  • Oklahoma: Tom Coburn - since 2004    This one's a Keeper! 
  • South Carolina: Jim DeMint - since 2004    This one's a Keeper! 
  • South Dakota: John Thune - since 2004
  • Utah: Bob Bennett -since 1992

    DEMOCRAT INCUMBENT SENATORS     See Democrat/0bamaCare Bribe List: Part I, and Part II.

  • Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln - since 1998
  • California: Barbara Boxer - since 1992
  • Colorado: Michael Bennet - since 2009   Bennet flashes his Carrot and I reply.
  • Connecticut: Christopher Dodd - since 1980    Dodd receives $100,000,000 bribe -- No longer seeking re-election.
  • Hawaii: Daniel Inouye - since 1962
  • Indiana: Evan Bayh - since 1998 - No longer seeking re-election.
  • Maryland: Barbara Mikulski - since 1974
  • Nevada: Harry Reid - since 1987   "FED MED" ram rod - Watch this 1 minute video. See how Harry Reid broke the law to pass Fed Med. More: Click here. SENATE CRIMINAL HARRY REID MUST BE CAST OUT !!
  • New Jersey: Robert Menendez - since 2004    Now being recalled by voters.
  • New York: Kirsten Gillibrand - since 2008
  • New York: Chuck Schumer - since 1998 - Cheesy Chucky hurls "tea-bagger" epithet.
  • North Dakota: Byron Dorgan - since 1992
  • Oregon: Ron Wyden - since 1996
  • Pennsylvania: Arlen Specter - since 1980
  • Vermont: Patrick Leahy - since 1974
  • Washington: Patty Murray - since 1992
  • Wisconsin: Russ Feingold - since 1992


  • Info on all INCUMBENTS is at this link
  • Real E-Mail addresses for all INCUMBENTS (Thanks to Conservative Caucus).
  • Review your INCUMBENTS voting records (both House & Senate) at this link.

    Alabama 001 Jo Bonner 2002 Republican
    Alabama 002 Bobby Bright 2008 Democrat
    Alabama 003 Mike Rogers 2002 Republican    This one's a Keeper!  Watch this video clip
    Alabama 004 Robert Aderholt 1996 Republican
    Alabama 005 Parker Griffith 2008 Democrat
    Alabama 006 Spencer Bachus 1992 Republican
    Alabama 007 Artur Davis 2002 Democrat
    Alaska At Large Don Young 1973 Republican
    Arizona 001 Ann Kirkpatrick 2008 Democrat
    Arizona 002 Trent Franks 2002 Republican    This one's a Keeper! 
    Arizona 003 John Shadegg 1994 Republican
    Arizona 004 Ed Pastor 1991 Democrat
    Arizona 005 Harry Mitchell 2006 Democrat
    Arizona 006 Jeff Flake 2000 Republican
    Arizona 007 Raul Grijalva 2002 Democrat
    Arizona 008 Gabrielle Giffords 2006 Democrat
    Arkansas 001 Robert M Berry 1996 Democrat
    Arkansas 002 Vic Snyder 1996 Democrat -- No longer seeking re-election.
    Arkansas 003 John Boozman 2000 Republican
    Arkansas 004 Mike Ross 2000 Democrat
    California 001 Mike Thompson 1998 Democrat
    California 002 Wally Herger 1988 Republican
    California 003 Dan Lungren 1998 Republican
    California 004 Tom McClintock 2008 Republican
    California 005 Doris Matsui 2005 Democrat
    California 006 Lynn Woolsey 1992 Democrat
    California 007 George Miller 1974 Democrat
    California 008 Nancy Pelosi 1987 Democrat   "FED MED" (H.R.3962) ram rod
    California 009 Barbara Lee 1998 Democrat
    ^^ More to come ^^
    California 035 Maxine Waters 1990 Democrat - Review this article and picture
    California 036 Jane Harman 1986 Democrat
    California 037 Laura Richardson 2007 Democrat - Review this article and picture
    California 049 Darrell Issa 2000 Republican    This one's a Keeper!  Read this article
    ^^ More to come ^^
    Colorado 001 Diana DeGette 1996 Democrat
    Colorado 002 Jared Polis 2008 Democrat - Must-read article
    Colorado 003 John Salazar 2004 Democrat
    Colorado 004 Betsy Markey 2008 Democrat - Voted for 0bamaKare
    Colorado 005 Doug Lamborn 2006 Republican    This one's a Keeper! 
    Colorado 006 Mike Coffman 2008 Republican
    Colorado 007 Ed Perlmutter 2006 Democrat
    Connecticut 001 John Larson Democrat 1998
    ^^ More to come ^^
    Florida 008 Alan Grayson 2008 Democrat - fears FOX News, wants to put critic in jail for posting this website.
    Florida 009 Gus Bilirakis 2006 Republican
    Florida 010 Bill Young 1970 Republican - Review this article and picture
    ^^ More to come ^^
    Georgia 010 Paul Broun 2007 Republican    This one's a Keeper! 
    Illinois 005 Michael Quigley 2009 Democrat    This one's a Keeper! 
    Illinois 009 Jan Schakowsky 1998 Democrat   -- Read this fyi on Jan's mindset and this article, too.
    Also read this huge expose on her criminal acts. Getchur free pony now!
    Illinois 017 Phil Hare 2006 Democrat -- Read this article
    Indiana 001 Pete Visclosky 1984 Democrat - Review this article and picture
    Kansas 004 Todd Tiahrt 1994 Republican - Review this article and picture
    Louisiana 001 Steve Scalise 2008 Republican
    Louisiana 002 Joseph Cao 2008 "Republican" - Voted for FED MED
    Louisiana 003 Charlie Melancon 2004 Democrat
    Louisiana 004 John Fleming 2008 Republican    This one's a Keeper! 
    Massachusetts 004 Barney Frank 1980 Democrat - Read this article.
    Michigan 001 Bart Stupak 1992 Democrat - Voted for HellthKare, now bailing out.
    Michigan 002 Pete Hoekstra 1992 Republican    This one's a Keeper!  
    Minnesota 005 Keith Ellison 2006 Democrat - Islamist - Review this article and this one, and this video clip.
    Minnesota 006 Michele Bachmann 2006 Republican    This one's a Keeper!  - Review this article and this one, too
    New York 015 Charles Rangel 1970 Democrat - Review this article, and this one, too
    Ohio 009 Marcy Kaptur 1982 Democrat - Review this article and picture
    Pennsylvania 012 John Murtha 1974 Democrat [croaked Feb 2010] - Review this, and also this article and picture
    Virginia 008 James Moran 1990 Democrat - Review article 1, article 2, and this picture
    Virginia 011 Gerry Connolly 2008 Democrat - Review this article.
    Wisconsin 005 Jim Sensenbrenner 1978 Republican -    This one's a Keeper!   - Review this article
    ^^ More to come ^^

    This Section is Under Construction. Please check back often for updates and additions.

    If you do not yet see complete information for your state above (it takes a lot of time to hand-code these html tables), please refer to the source here)


    2010 STATE GOVERNORS ELECTION (Detailed 2010 info here  -- 2012 info here)


    Colorado Bill Ritter 2006 Democrat -- No longer seeking re-election.
    Texas Rick Perry 2000 Republican    This one's a Keeper! 
    ^^ More to come ^^

    This Section is Under Construction. Please check back often for updates and additions.
    If the Governor for your state is not yet shown, please check here for more information.


  • NOTE: You are welcome to submit any of the incumbents above for elevation to "Keeper" status. Just send an email to: dan at dansher dot com - Please include the name and reason(s) why your nominee is so deserving. Please save us both time by not nominating Keeper-wannabees for their fervent support of specious, fuzzy-feely visions of "World Peace" and the like. Keep it simple and specific. Early indications are that Keeper nominations are really needed for Democrat incumbents.


    CURRENT 0BAMA DIS-APPROVAL RATING   --- Additional Information on 2012 Presidential election here.

    Many Voters feel there are sufficient reasons to hold a Congressional Trial to determine if 0bama is guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors" - the Constitutional definition of a need to correct an Electoral mistake. Such a trial is known as an impeachment and does not of itself represent the act of forcing a sitting President out of office. Only a 'Guilty!' verdict can do that. More information on how such a trial is called and conducted is at this link. An 0bama Impeachment website is here, and here's another. If you want to see many more, simply put impeach obama into Google.
      -----   June 2010: Army Major General Paul E. Vallely   -----   "We now must call for the immediate resignation of Barry Soetero (AKA President Barack Hussein Obama) - based on incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty and violation of the U.S. oath of office and the Constitution."   -----   Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, June 2010:   -----   "We can wait no longer for a traditional change of power and new government."   -----   Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely   -----  

    Read more on Maj. Gen. Vallely at this link.

    Below are listed (in no particular order) several areas of illegal and suspect behaviour that should be sufficient to indict 0bama for an impeachment trial:

    08 June, 2010: 0bama pledges $400,000,000 to Hamas/AlQueida terrorists, er, fellow muslims, er... Gaza Palestinians (yeh that's it). More of the real story is here 08 June 2010: This is OUR money, dammit. America, now feed your Progressive ulcer with the sour taste of this latest 0bama tribute to his muzlim buds - the jizya is practically drippin' down his chin (que penguin ice cream joke).
    08 June, 2010: National Debt to top $13.6 trillion in 2010 and climb to an estimated $19.6 trillion by 2015 per US Treasury Department. 05 June 2010: 0bama shoots National Debt well beyond Gross Domestic Product. 28 May 2010: 0bama involved in Sestak Bribery Scheme. This alone is an impeachable offense and - somehow - it's not Bush's fault.
    11 May, 2010: 0bama praises pro-Islamic komic book. "[These] comic books have captured the imagination... with super heroes who embody the teachings and tolerance of Islam," said 0bama. 29 April 2010: 0bama took an oath to protect and defend the US against all enemies foreign and domestic, and he is both. 18 April 2010: Justice Clarence Thomas says Supremes are 'evading' 0bama eligibility.
    07 April 2010: Dozens of reference-links to 0bama's documented history of family, friends, advisors, administration, and his own career prove that 0bama is a Socialist and not a Capitalist. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. 07 April 2010: See and hear Michelle confess to homosexual activists that Kenya is 0bama's home country. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. 03 April 2010: All protestation and posturing to the contrary, the 0bama regime tacitly accepts a nuclear Iran. A steady weakening of resolve belies the blustery bravado of weakness.
    02 April 2010: Krauthammer rakes 0bama for continual disrespect for tradional allies: -- the ridiculous 25-DVD gift, the five refusals before British PM Brown was granted a one-on-one with The One, and now the Falklands. 19 March 2010: Alan Keyes rakes 0bama for Constitutional defecation. Washingon Times asks: 'Impeach 0bama?' Stealthy "Deem-ocrats" avoid toxic vote record on "Cornhusker Kickback," etc. yet able to claim "opposition" to 0bama HellthKare. 19 March 2010: 0bama helps fund 'Alinsky Academy'. Revolutionalry "school" teaches tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation. 0bama's Rules for Revolution is Mmmm-mmm-mmm Good!. So Cute and innocent here: Little Boy Bamuh
    18 March 2010: ATTACK of the US Census Woikers. Overreaching and out of bounds. Intrusive. Harassment. Outrageous report on Census Stalkers. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. U.S Constitution violated (again), Back Room Plans and Fool's Deals, Wrapped in Golden "CHANGE", and I Wonder, Still I Wonder, Who will Stop The Drain?? (apology, Fogerty; thanks, Mongol) Feb 2010 0bamuh spending dumps record defeshit of $221 Billion. 0bama deficit for the first five months of this budget year totals $651.6 billion, 10.5 % higher than for the same period a year ago. Mmmm-mmm-mmm.
    Government Woikers revel in luxury wages while struggling private Americans scratch to make a living. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. A full yet simple explanation of Inevitable Inflation ahead. The real 0bama Hope & Change Bomb is stealing your savings. Some Washington bastard has shut down the ACORN criminal probe. Oh, who could it possibly be?? Wait... NO, it just couldn't be... I wonder if... Mmmm-mmm-mmm.
    2 dozen here, 5 dozen there... Pretty soon there will be a thousand(s) more sawed-off shotguns. Looks like the 0bama Regime is getting ready for some serious crowd control... or "Special Elections"... or martial law... Those SHOTGUNS may be being stealth-cached to eventually arm 0bama's Brownshirt Youth Army, er, 'Service Leaders.' Ever hear of AmeriCorps
    or Service Learning?
    0bama and Andy Stern (SEIU): Unholy alliance of Progressives and Labour. 0bama sells judgeship (soul previously sold) for HellthKare vote. Yettanuther 0bama Commie Connection: John Holdren, 0bama's Science Czar.
    Power-drunk 0bama to build $1 Billion embassy in UK. More largesse from 0bama's Stash, I guess. 0bama (aka "Barry Soetoro") may be Constitutionally unqualified to hold the Office of President. 0bama elevates Interpol above US Law (more info is here, here, too, here, three, and here, four). Here's some Interpol fyi.
    0bama's utter failure to keep Federal National Debt within legal Limits. 0bama seeks to brainwash America's youth into submission, servitude, and even worship. 0bama's Czar Farm (pix & more info here) includes communists, socialists, and sexual perverts (More info here).
    0bama's reckless fiscal policies debasing U.S. Dollar - hyperinflation lies ahead. 0bama cover-up of Ft Hood Jihad: Read this, and this, too, and this, three. The 0bama/Reid/Pelosi Health Care scheme (er, Plan) was inspired by a convicted felon.
    0bama using EPA/CO2/Climate Change scam as risky tax scheme to spread America's wealth. Ubamah Exec Order gives more US Secrets away. Read details here. ^^ More to come ^^

    This Section is Under Construction. Please check back often for updates and additions.


    Please help We The People, and...
    "Raise your glass to the hard working people.
    Let's drink to the uncounted heads
    Let's think of the wavering millions
    Who want leaders but get gamblers instead.

    Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter,
    His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows,
    And a parade of gray-suited grafters
    ...A choice of cancer or polio.

    From "The Salt of the Earth"
    C. 1969 Mick Jagger and Keith Richard

    Please consider sending this Pledge (click on image at left to enlarge, then right-click to download) to each and every one of your elected Federal Officials. Send it to the White House, too. Ask each of your Senators, Representatives, and even 0bama himself, to sign and return it to you. In the cover letter, explain that they are either IN or OUT in 2010 depending on their response. Explain that you will work to expel from office each and every Congressperson who cannot answer an enthusiastic YES! in support of all 5 promises. All non-responses will be automatically considered a NO! by that Official. Even if 0bama cannot be un-elected in 2010, he can be impeached (i.e., brought to trial for malfeasance) and, if found guilty, thrown from office. -- Thanks to Glenn Beck for this Pledge and plan of action. Special Thanks to Wikipedia for all the campaign info you see further above.


    Sidebar: In general I dislike the idea of Constitutional Amendments, be they state or Federal, on the grounds that:
  • Such proposals are, more often than not, brought into being by special interests and therefore likely to have unanticipated - and usually adverse - future consequences for many businesses and/or citizens.
  • There is very likely already a law, or laws, on the books that addresses and/or protects the subject of any proposed Amendment.
  • Fairer, more appropriate, and more timely action by Federal, State, County, and Local officials - and Judges - would probably preclude the rush by citizens to demand constitutional amendments.

    That said... I am damn tired of the Washington Whores making special rules and exceptions for themselves, such as "Cadillac" health and retirement plans. It's about time that Congress enjoys no more benefits - and no fewer restrictions - than WE THE PEOPLE! Hence I propose that WTP demand nothing less than this:

    Proposed: Constitutional Amendment 28
    Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
    States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives,
    and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or
    Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the
    United States .

    I absolutely believe that the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the 0bama Administration are colluding and conspiring to "fundamentally transform" (0bama's words) the American form of government into Socialism and its society into a Godless and amoral pit of sex & greed. This is the first time in my long life that I think there is a good chance that it can actually be accomplished. Self-styled Progressive economic and social saboteurs are now in majority control of all three branches of our government. They are hell-bent on permanently imposing their Communist/Socialist ways on America.

    The classic way for a tyranny to seize more power is to generate a crisis, promote public fear, and then to present itself as the solution - provided the people cede still more of their freedoms. 'What crisis?' you may ask. They are legion: The Bailouts, TARP, Universal Health Care, Cap & Trade, etc etc are huge deficit-generators designed to topple America's world-dominating economic engine. Debasement of the US Dollar by the 0bama administration (via monetizing its huge, and ever-growing deficits) will precipitate an economic holocaust that will require an "International" (UN) solution. One World Government and New World Order are more than just conspiracy theories: When the facts are all laid out, they point in only one direction - unending tyranny.

    The America of the Founders is under attack from all points, yet everyone is telling me to either:

  • 'Do nothing about it because there is nothing that any one can do,' or,
  • 'Never Mind, it's only Politics As Usual... Nothing to see here, just move along.'

    That general attitude is what has brought us all to this critical point in our nation's history. I may be 70 years old, but it's never too late to die for one's country. I owe that to all those that fought and died for me. In their millions, they died for you, too.

    My use of the term Whores herein is inaccurate, I know, but I think it a descriptive and universally understood metaphor in the context of such a depraved and wanton group of so-called "leaders." The only bloodless way to refound America is to vote at least 90% of the Incumbent Whores (Democrat and Republican alike) out of office in 2010 and 2012. Let each of us then become as an electoral Jack the Ripper in the nations voting booths.

    "When the people fear their government there is tyranny;
     when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
    - Thomas Jefferson

    For the record, I am a pro-life, creationist, bible-believing, born-again Christian. Let me also state that I am very conservative on all matters social, political, economic, fiscal, and especially Constitutional. I am a Colorado resident. I absolutely do not blindly adhere to the political dogma of any political party, be it Republican, Democrat, or what have you.


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