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 FLASH: 21 December 2009:  Senate Democrats pass UbamuhCare in the Midnight Hour.

My personal reply to Senator Bennet, who emailed me this unsolicited propaganda piece, below, on November 25th 2009.
How stupid does he think I am? Would he presume to bribe you and me to hasten America's bankruptcy?

See Senator Bennet's original propaganda piece here.
Here's a screen-grab of the same thing just in case he scrubs it from his website.

One more thing Senator, when you send me your party propaganda and cozy boilerplate emails, you will
please address me as Mr. Martin - not as Daniel. May I remind you, sir, that we have never met and you work for me.

Democrat Senator Bennet flings open his metaphoric trench coat
and begins flashing his metaphoric Carrot at Coloradans, asking:

"Health Care Reform - What's In It For You?"

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
1. No Denials for Pre-Existing Conditions
"You will no longer be discriminated against when choosing your health insurance. You will not be denied for being too short, too fat, being pregnant, getting cancer, and many other reasons. These arbitrary and unfair discriminatory practices will become a thing of the past."
"Americans will no longer be eligible for the lowest rates available for healthy people. Inevitably all Americans will have to pay arbitrary and unfairly high premiums - and higher taxes - to provide "free" health insurance to all the short, fat, lazy, pregnant, cancerous, and illegal people. Free choice will become a thing of the past."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
2. Coverage You Can Count On – That Can’t Be Taken Away
"You will always have choices for coverage even if your job doesn’t provide it. If you or your spouse loses a job, hits a rough patch or falls sick, you will always have coverage options at a reasonable price.
"Americans will mostly have to choose between (1) Paying a fine, and/or, (2) Going to jail - even if they can not afford to pay for the mandated Government Health Care Plan. Even if their employer and/or their job doesn’t exist anymore, Americans will always face these penalty choices. Freedom can be taken away easily, especially when it is labeled as choice.

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
3. Significantly Lower Premiums and Out-of-Pocket Costs for Medical Bills
"Unless health insurance is affordable, it’s really more of a burden than a benefit. In the new health insurance exchanges, there will be limits on how much you can be asked to pay for health insurance coverage or medical expenses, including prescription drugs, based on your income."
"Unless taxes are affordable, Government is really more of a burden than a benefit. In the new Government Health Care Bureaucracy, there will be limits on how much "Care" Americans can receive. Steeply rising taxes (many hidden), needed to pay for "free" health insurance and drugs, will consume ever more of their spendable income. Devaluation of the US Dollar (aka inflation) - caused by multi-trillion dollar Government deficits - will erode their savings, making them destitute in retirement. Present and future generations of our children will curse all of us for enslaving them by allowing this travesty to become law."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
4. Fewer Moments Wasted with Insurance Company Bureaucrats
"No more wasting hours of your day fighting with insurance companies over medical bills. With health care reform, there will be standardized forms for medical bills, advisors to help you navigate the health insurance system, and an effective appeals process for any questions in coverage or cost of your care."
"Untold, unpaid, hours wasted fighting with the Government Health Care Bureaucrats over medical coverage. With Government Health Care "reform," there will be unending, multi-level application forms (to be filled out in triplicate) for medical treatment. Government Advisors ("take a number") will be required to decide if treatment is even necessary. A lengthy, multi-level Appeals Process ("take a number") will be required to reverse denial-of-treatment, denial-of-coverage, and/or shorten the mandatory waiting period for treatment. For those who can't afford their own lawyer, a public defender will be provided."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
5. Independence That Allows For Flexibility
"Many individuals are afraid to start small businesses, or to join new businesses, because of the cost of losing their health insurance. In the new health insurance exchanges, you will have more choices of health coverage and never be turned down for you or your family’s pre-existing conditions."
"Many individuals will be unable to start small businesses, and/or unable to join still-surviving businesses, because of the cost of higher taxes. In the Government Health Care Plan, Americans will pay more in taxes, have fewer real choices of health coverage, and discover Health Care being denied by the new Government Health Care Bureaucracy. With the Government Health Care Plan, millions more people are enrolled that are never turned down for any reason, income for health care providers is severely restricted, and no limits of any kind are imposed on lawyer/jury lawsuit awards. The "more choices" so glibly touted may soon become very hard to find. But not to worry... perhaps the Government Health Care Bureaucracy will issue Americans an "IOU" if their search for a still-practicing doctor or a still-open hospital takes more than 18 months."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
6. Easy to Understand Insurance Forms
"Ever have trouble catching the fine print when trying to choose the best coverage for you and your family? New standardized forms will have real explanations of benefits and coverage and allow you to have the information you need to make decisions about your own health care."
"Ever have trouble catching the true impact of the 2,000+ page Government Health Care Bill? Government politicians had trouble, too, because they didn't write it, and they didn't read it. When trying to afford the Government Health Care Plan, or find a doctor, American's new "more choices" coverage will lack real explanations of how and why their families came to be so much worse off. Washington politicians knowingly suppressed the information Americans needed to make informed decisions about their own health care - boot all incumbent politicians out of office in 2010 and 2012."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
7. Free care for preventive services
"You will now be able to receive the preventative care you need—free of charge. Checkups, screenings, vaccinations, and other life-saving preventative care will not be charged a co-pay by your health insurance company."
"Most Americans will probably be able to [eventually] receive the preventative care they need—free of charge (except for higher taxes forever). Checkups, screenings, vaccinations, and other life-saving preventative care will be considered and possibly Approved by one or more Government Health Care Bureaucrats once the required multi-level application forms (perfectly filled out in triplicate) are received. Government Advisors ("take a number") may be available to help Americans cope with the new Regulations."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
8. Transparency and Accountability –Insurance Companies Will Have to Give Cash Back
"You deserve more value for your dollars. Not only will this bill make sure that health insurance companies spend 85 cents of every dollar on health care, you will also get money back from insurers who spend too much on their non-medical costs."
"Americans deserve more value for their tax dollars than alleged "Medicare Savings" found by a new Government Health Care Bureaucracy can possibly provide. If Government Bureaucrats can find such savings, why do they not find and eliminate them now?? Not only will the Government Health Care Bill make sure that most private health insurance companies will go out of business, but the Government Health Care Plan will probably waste 55 cents of every tax dollar on rationed, long-delayed health care. Americans will never get their money's worth from Government Bureaucrats who spend too much on their own "special" medical coverage which is far better than they want their fellow Americans to have."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
9. Peace of mind from medical bankruptcy
"You should never have to worry about going bankrupt if you or your loved one becomes seriously ill. This bill eliminates lifetime limits that insurance companies could set when covering your medical care.  Sixty-two percent of personal bankruptcies are due to medical costs. We will keep countless American families from sinking into poverty because of an illness."
"Americans must always worry about their nation going bankrupt due to outrageous, unbridled spending by their elected officials. The Government Health Care Plan can and will only hasten that process. This bill eliminates the practical limits that insurance companies normally set when covering medical expenses. Sixty-two percent of personal bankruptcies may be due to medical costs, but 100% of inflation is due to government deficit spending and Federal Reserve manipulation of the economy. The Government Health Care Plan will keep countless American families from living any life other than one of grinding hopelessness; a life of continual near-poverty because of a failing economy brought on by hyper deficit spending."

Senator Bennet (D-CO) claims:
10. Easy to access health insurance information
"When looking for health insurance, you should have choices and enough information to make you a smart shopper, and it should be easily accessible. You will now have online consumer-friendly information that will enable you to make an apples-to-apples comparison when you choose a health insurance plan, all from your own home.
"Republican Pork vs Democrat Pork: now that is an apples-to-apples comparison and there is little material difference between them. When looking for Congressional candidates in 2010, Americans should make the smart choice and boot all the incumbents out of office." They want to put all Americans personal medical data on-line, making it easily accessible. Under the Government Health Care Plan Americans must submit online, hacker-friendly information that will further erode their privacy and security.

Colorado Senators Bennet, Salazar, and Udall: I'm calling all of you out. Too bad for y'all that you've forgotten YOU WORK FOR US!! Because you will surely vote for the final, fiscally unsustainable Democrat FED MED bill (opposed by 62% of voters), I will work tirelessly to see that you are all DEFEATED in your next election. I really don't care who wins - I just want each of you OUT of office. This web page is just the beginning of my work toward that goal. There is more such work I am doing here, and here, too. 'Have a nice term, boys.'

  • Gasp at the   Current National Debt  - ponder why Congress and 0bama are doing this to (er, for) our Republic.
  • There are 237 millionaires in Congress. Looks like the sell-outs there turn a lot of tricks.
  • Everyone: Take a look at the current CONGRESS "APPROVAL" RATING.
  • Everyone: Take a look at the current 0BAMA "APPROVAL" RATING.

    There is a 4-Step Cure for all of this stupidity:
    1. Change the Hearts of American Voters
    3. IMPEACH PRESIDENT 0BAMA, and finally:
    4. ABOLISH the IRS - entirely!! It can be done!

    ATTENTION ALL INCUMBENTS: Look at your Ratings. How can you doubt that I am going to have lot's of help and support for my mission of hurling ALL your sorry asses out of office. Pork yourselves while you still can.

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