Last updated: May 25, 2008


Below are presented a sampling of choice political cartoons.  Yes, they are surely considered hateful, extremist, and insensitive by all the folks who consider the birth [or not] of a baby human primarily as a matter of the mother's "right" to indulge her own personal whim and convenience - or as a financial opportunity.  Persons who work in the abortion industry (e.g.., Planned Parenthood) stand to gain financially from promoting the so-called "right" of a woman to abort her unborn child anytime, and for any reason.   This way of thinking is so morally bankrupt that it leads to bizarre twists of justice such as the one in which a young couple colluded in the abortion of their unborn baby, while  only the father was charged  with the crime.

There is no doubt in my mind that abortion is a business - a nasty business, but a business nonetheless.  In this business huge amounts of money are to be made from preying upon the misfortune of young women.  With so much money to be made, much money is spent promoting and electing public officials who look the other way when child-abuse laws have obviously been voilated.  Any reasonable person will agree that a pregnant 11-year-old is likely to have been the victim of child abuse, and that the circumstances are in need of (1) being reported by the abortionist, and (2) investigated by authorities.  In early 2007, supporters of abortion-on-demand were overjoyed when newly elected officials dismissed charges previously brought against Wichita, Kansas, abortionist George Tiller and his cadre of womb raiders.  Tiller had made large campaign donations to said newly elected officials.  Learn the sordid details in this article and this one, too.

All the pro-abortion folks who are not in it for the money are, in my view, then only interested in promoting a strictly secular (i.e., God-less) agenda in which the value of human life is established only by subjective terms such as quality of life, wanted child or some other equally amoral measure.  Many more would embrace the notion of euthanasia of just about anyone at any age provided that all such terminated persons were dispatched with a  final kindness.   Fortunately, a group of physicians has founded a new  movement  to revive the honor of the Hippocratic oath, the first precept of which is: Primum non nocere   "First, do no harm."







The purpose of this cartoon archive is not to steal, but rather to preserve.   Over the last few years the internet version of " Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" has become all too common.  This archive is intended to act only as a backup resource in the event the original disappears or becomes hard to locate.

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