Source: Macomb County Prosecutor - Tuesday January 4, 9:28 am ET

Macomb County Prosecutor Announces Charges in Fetus' Death

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith authorized criminal charges today against a sixteen-year-old Richmond male accused of terminating his girlfriend's pregnancy with a souvenir baseball bat.

The charge, Intentional conduct against a pregnant individual resulting in miscarriage or stillbirth, is a felony punishable by up to fifteen years imprisonment.

According to Michigan State Police detectives, the youths intentionally caused the death of the fetus by striking the mother's abdomen with the twenty-two inch bat over the course of two weeks. The parents of the youths were apparently unaware of the pregnancy and the decision to abort it.

The actions of the youths first came to light when the female spoke about the series of incidents after the fact at a high school leadership conference in the upper peninsula. The conference's adult facilitator, hearing of the incidents leading to the miscarriage, contacted the State Police.

The report of the county's medical examiner indicates that the fetus was premature and not viable at the time of the miscarriage. The report lists the cause of death as blunt impact of the maternal abdomen.

Prosecutor Smith is relying on law created by the Michigan Legislature in 1999. According to that law, only the person making the intentional conduct against the pregnant individual is criminally liable. The pregnant individual herself, however complicit in the termination, is not.

The male, because of his age and lack of prior contacts with the criminal justice system, will be adjudicated in the juvenile court. If convicted, he would be subject to the jurisdiction of that court until he is twenty-one years old.

The mother, also sixteen years old, will not be charged with a crime.

Prosecutor Smith said the defendant must plead guilty as charged or face trial.

"This crime is shocking and reprehensible," he said. "I will not entertain any plea bargaining on it."

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This is such a sorry saga of teen-age "birth control" - a partial bat abortion as it were.  Such is yet another, and all-to-common, example of how the teaching of moral relativism and a specifically secular (i.e., God-less) agenda in our public schools results in social behaviors that are unthinkable to previous generations.

And in this age of so-called equality of the sexes why is only the father criminally liable, while the mother - who was willingly and fully complicit in the abortion - goes scott free???

If this had been a real abortion (i.e., one performed by an abortionist), then neither party would be charged.   However heinous the deed, it seems the father is the victim of selective prosecution

Here's a late 2006 report where a new-mother-to-be self-aborts - really late term - by shooting herself in the belly while having labor pains with her third child.  The liberal judge naturally found her innocent of any wrongdoing and dismissed the case, sending her back into the welfare pleasure-paradise where guilt-free, recreational breeding abounds without consequence.

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