YELLOWSTONE - AUGUST 1980  Last Update: 30 November 2009   The below as written by Dan:

This was the fifth Colorado tour in my life.  The first had been eight years earlier in 1972 when I took my 1971  Honda K750  to Colorado for the first time.  In the picture to the left,  Scott and Brian (two of my four sons) and I were preparing our cycles one night in August 1980, before leaving for Yellowstone Park (via Colorado) at dawn the next morning.   Scott had just gotten his new Honda CX500 the week before.  His assignment had been to put at least 500 miles on it before leaving on our 3,500 mile round trip (and he did it!).    This was Brian's first cycle trip ever, and he was to ride behind me on my '76 Gold Wing.    Many, many years later (2003) I would be  Passing that Torch over to him!

Row 03 below documents how on another Colorado tour two summers before (1978) Scott & I had hidden a "treasure" under a rock near the summit of Pike's Peak: some loose pocket change and a 7th grade picture of him that I carried in my wallet.   The second picture shows Scott pointing at the exact rock after the treasure was hidden.  Fast forward to 1980.   The rest of the pictures in that row show the three of us finding and displaying the recovered treasure.  Almost as in the movie Back To The Future  - the time & weather-blurred image of Scott almost seems a portent of his own future  three years hence.

In 2009, I returned to Yellowstone National Park - all by myself and alone.

  - click the pictures to enlarge:


 Sadly, the image quality has suffered across the 20+ years between when they
 were taken and when they were scanned.   At least their digital versions are now
 frozen in time, forever immune (unlike ourselves) from any further deterioration.

Monument Valley 2003

Highway 101, CA, 2004

Gateway, CO, 2008

Yellowstone 2009

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