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Further below are pictures of a Colorado motorcycle trip taken between May 27-29 2008 by Dan Martin (Honda ST1300), David Solomon (BMW K1200GT), and Sal DeVincenzo (Honda ST1100).  Each rider contributed images from their camera to place on this web page.

Trip Statistics from Dan's Honda ST1300

  • Total Miles: 1,083.4
  • Total Gallons: 22.78
  • Overall mpg: 47.56

  • Fuel Cost: $90.58
  • Cost per Mile: $ 0.09
  • Avg Cost/gal: $ 3.98

  • The loop: from Gunnison to Montrose NW to Whitewater then WSW to Gateway to Placerville and back to Montrose.  This was among the top 5 rides I (Dan) have ever taken.

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    DAY ONE:

    DAY TWO:

    DAY THREE - we made a beeline from Gunnison, Colorado, to home:

    Here are some panoramas that were assembled from a few of the shots above.  I think they come the closest to giving a feeling of actually being there.

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