Last Update: Aug 25 2008  The below as written by Dan

 We last saw my son Brian Martin on this website at  11 years old
 when we took a trip in 1980, together with his brother Scott
 to Yellowstone Park.  Brian and I rode my 1976 Gold Wing
 and Scott rode his 1980 Honda CX500.

. Here we are on the way to Yellowstone in August 1980,
as we stopped to change jackets an hour after sunrise.
 That same 1976 Gold Wing, after 27 years in my loving care, was
 adopted by Brian in July 2003. The machine still runs so
 flawlessly that I expect it will outlast its original owner (me)
 and possibly Brian as well.

 Loading the 'Wing into Brian's pickup are me, sons Brian and Craig,
 Brian's son Scott Robert Martin, and my neighbor Scott.
 The first 9 pictures are of that day as the torch was passed.

 The next morning me, Brian, young Scott ( Scott's Racing Website),
 and Craig left for Estes Park, which is only 30 minutes away from my home.

 Brian could not ride his "new" Gold Wing because it was neither
 licensed or insured.  Instead, he rode the 1987 Kawasaki
 ZL1000 that he once owned.  Craig rode his 1985 Yamaha Fazer.
 And that's me astride the lusty Rhiannon  (my '94 Honda ST1100).

 From Estes we went across Trail Ridge Road in beautiful
 Rocky Mountain National Park, then to Grand Lake, Winter Park,
 and ending up at Craig's home in Lakewood, Colorado.

Here is one more shot from the 1980 Yellowstone Tour: me with
 sons Brian and Scott at Berthoud Pass - compare it to the one
 taken 23 years later in 2003: last row above, fourth from left.

In March 2004, Brian snapped this photo of his newest grandchild Abigail.
That's four generations served by the ever-faithful 'Wing.  No, Abby did
not take a ride (how could she, the bike has no tag)!

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