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In late 2004 the Ukraine Government (a hold-over USSR puppet) was in turmoil.  It had recently been defeated in a public election.  The incumbents refused to accept the results and attempted to steal the election: (A) By cooking the books and (B) By plotting a nearly successful assassination of the rightful leader.  In a peaceful revolution, the people of Kiev threw out the mongrels and placed the winning persons in office.

A friend and resident of Kiev (capitol city of Ukraine) has posted a first-person photojournal of that remarkable time (popularly known as the Orange Revolution).  She calls her work The Stolen Election.  It is a fascinating journey and highly recommended.  Other of her photojournals are discussed and linked-to here.


This report is not exactly about a stolen election.  It is about the betryal of the citizens of
Israel by their elected officials.  The story began years ago, but we join it as of August 15th, 2005 - now in progress...

Israeli troops have began handing out eviction notices  to Israeli citizens living in the Gaza Strip.  Many of these settlers were born - and have lived their entire lives - in this coastal territory, won as spoils of the 1967 Six Day War.  This area is locally known as the Gush Katif land, and for its size (very tiny) is one of Israel's most productive areas.  Of Israelís total exports, Gush Katif provides: 95% of bug-free lettuce and greens, 70% of organic vegetables, and 60% of cherry tomatoes.

The following link displays a detailed map of the Gaza area as of 1999, and as of August 2005.  Gush Katif is part of the Promised Land that the God of Abraham - the one God of Christian and Jew alike - gave to His chosen people (the Jews).  His Word also says that any nation that is a friend of Israel will prosper, and that woe will befall all who do not support her.

A ubiquitous orange T-shirt symbolises the settlers' struggle against eviction from the Gush Katif land after nearly four decades of residency.  A new Orange Revolution has begun.

Sadly, it is very doubtful if it will be as peaceful as the first.  Israeli authorities are even now preparing animal cages in which to restrain and transport those citizens who will not go willingly.  Shooting them may come later as many settlers plan to resist or even defy the Israeli government's SWAT Team tactics of forceful relocation.

Here is a first-person narrative by a frightened Gush Katif resident who believes that all the [non-Islamic] world should Weep for the critical plight of his beleaguered compatriots.

Say... how long before the same Wolf is knocking at your door???

Israeli forces, protesters clash in Gaza.

08/21/2005: Gaza evacuation 'beginning of Israel's destruction'.

12/02/2005: The Chickens are coming home to roost.

02-09-2006: Israel Wimps Out & Backs Down but Christians To The Rescue

10-11-2007: Gaza Christian Bookseller Tortured then Murdered by Gaza Muzzies

09-01-2008: Muzzies training more terrorists on surrendered Gaza territory

All of 2008: Enter "gaza rocket attack" into any search engine to get a feel for what the Hamas muzzies have been up to.  Rockets launched by muzzies from Gaza rained random mayhem and death - almost daily - down upon the citizens of Israel.  Then, finally:

12/27/2008: Israel Strikes Back, again, and again, and again.

2009 and Beyond: Read this essay on Moral Clarity in Gaza by Charles Krauthammer, and also this WND essay that tells the historical truth about Israel's 'stolen' land by Larry Elder.

01/02/2009: A true outrage in Gaza as Hamas rockets put Israeli Nuke at Risk.  The danger from this and other 'Hamas surprises' is confirmed by this WND article.

01/08/2009: Renewed hostilities with Lebanese Hezbollah as rockets explode in north Israel.  Hezbollah started their 2006 war against Israel as the latter was battling Palestinian militants in Gaza.

Sheikh Abdelrahman al-Jamal: "We will remain on the path of jihad until the end of days."

As it fights for its collective life, Israel should be viewed as the canary in the mine by the entire Western world.  Basically, Israel is striking back just to be left alone.  Instead of being helped by the international community, Israel is villified by the UN, the captive media, and millions of kneejerk peaceniks writhing in Politically Correct agony.  These credulous, hand-wringing souls have fallen for the twin ruses of Islam's Taqiyya - lying to non-muslims - and seeking truce to gain time to regroup militarily.  What is happening today in Israel is what will, eventually, happen to the USA should Israel fall.


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