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District to 'affirm' Ebonics
'It should be considered a foreign language'

Posted: July 18, 2005
8:26 p.m. Eastern


A school district in Southern California approved the "affirmation and recognition" of Ebonics into its curriculum as a way to help black students improve academic performance.

The San Bernardino Board of Education says a pilot of the policy, known as the Students Accumulating New Knowledge Optimizing Future Accomplishment Initiative, has been implemented at two city schools, according to the daily San Bernardino Sun.

Ebonics, a dialect of American English spoken by many blacks, was recognized as a separate language by the Oakland, Calif., school board in 1996.

Mary Texeira, a sociology professor at Cal State San Bernardino, believes the program will be beneficial to students.

"Ebonics is a different language, it's not slang as many believe,' Texeira told the Sun. "For many of these students Ebonics is their language, and it should be considered a foreign language. These students should be taught like other students who speak a foreign language."

Texeira acknowledged there are African Americans who disagree with her.

"They say that [black students] are lazy and that they need to learn to talk," she said.

The program, which will be implemented gradually, begins this fall when teachers receive training on black culture and customs. The district curriculum will include information on the historical, cultural and social impact of blacks in society.

Len Cooper, coordinator of the pilot program at the two city schools, said Ebonics won't actually be incorporated into the program, because of its "stigma."

"We are affirming and recognizing Ebonics through supplemental reading books for students," he explained.

Although the program is aimed at black students, other students can choose to participate, the Sun reported.

Board member Danny Tillman told the paper he pushed for the policy because he hoped it would increase the number of black students going to college and participating in advanced courses.

But Teresa Parra, board vice president, worries other minority groups, including Hispanics, will want their own programs.

"I've always thought that we should provide students support based on their needs and not on their race," she said.

Ratibu Jacocks, a member of a coalition of black activists the Westside Action Group said they are working with the district to ensure the policy is implemented appropriately.

"This isn't a feel-good policy. This is the real thing," said Jacocks.

He welcomes the idea of other ethnic groups lobbying for their own program.

"When you are doing what's right, others will follow,' Jacocks said. "We have led the way before the civil-rights movement opened the door for women's rights and other movements."


Au contraire!!  As a very racist example of how ebonics feeds into the stereotypical Negro caricature, I give you this Ebonics Christmas Poem.  No, I did not write it (I am merely the reporter).  The very concept of ebonics is a racial slur.  Please believe me, teaching a speech impediment like ebonics in the public schools should be considered a racial hate-crime - especially by all Negros.


Bill Cosby says the white people are not to blame, but I am not so sure.  Most of the liberal, pro-multicultralist proponents of ebonics are Caucasian.

Hint to any black readers (once upon a time black was preferred by y'all to the historically and scientifically correct word Negro; the patronizing "African-American" term is never used by this writer) from a white [scientifically-correct: Caucasian] guy (me): Learn to speak "The King's English" correctly, or you will be forever dismissed as an unimportant member of a second class sub-culture.   Those who are pushing ebonics in the schools are not trying to help you.  They are panderers and manipulators who, along with welfare, black abortion, and fatherless families, are setting up "education" via ebonics as another landmark on the road to continued slavery.  It is not Jim Crow, or the n-word, that keeps your people down.  It is the words coming from your collective mouths.   If you want to get ahead, then get a proper education, which includes learning to speak like the black folks on, say, The Weather (or Food) Channel.  Or, get an accent coach and learn to speak with a "CNN-anchor" (mid-western white) dialect.  Would doing so make you [gasp] an Uncle Tom???  I think not.  What it will do for you is to make it possible to earn a living without selling drugs, playing basketball, or screaming self-destructive rap drivel.  Then there's the issue of civilized appearance, as recently mandated by the NBA.

If black folks fail to adopt this simple plan of speech-modification (e.g., 'treated with more respect' not 'treatit wif mo respek'), then the White Man's Burden is bound to go on and on and on...  Further evidence that a dialect of any kind can subject the speaker to ridicule and loss of respect can be seen at  The Dialectizer and at English-to-ebonics.

A January 2007 article blames much of the black problem on cowardly whites and whining blacks.  Most whites in this country are not racist.  In their heart, they agree with black comedian Chris Rock when he says, "I love black people, but I hate niggers," even if they [whites] themselves are not allowed to make such an honest declaration.  Whites are intolerant of crime and the creeps who commit it.  Regardless of race, criminals are the true niggers.  Rather than evoke automatic recoil, anguish, and rage, use of the N word, and its accepted common meaning, should be expanded to include niggers of all races, including white, brown, yellow, black, and various mixed breeds impossible to describe.

The purpose of this archive is not to steal, but rather to preserve.  I always give full credit to the original source and have no profit motive or incentive in presenting the above.   A link to the original post is included below.  The original content is unaltered and the original appearance differs [if at all] mostly in the welcome absence of pop-up windows and advertisements.  Many of the outside links in the original article have been preserved as have most images (space allowing).  Over the last few years the internet version of " Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" has become all too common.  This archive is intended to act only as a backup resource in the event the original disappears.  To jump to the original article,  Click here

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