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    Drudge Headlines Page 03 - June 01 2009 thru June 30 2009

    01 June 2009:
    02 June 2009 (a):
    02 June 2009 (b):
    04 June 2009:
    05 June 2009:
    06 June 2009:
    07 June 2009:
    08 June 2009:
    11 June 2009:
    13 June 2009:
    14 June 2009:
    15 June 2009:
    16 June 2009:  See related story.
    21 June 2009:
    22 June 2009:
    26 June 2009 (a):
    26 June 2009 (b):
    26 June 2009 (c):
    As usual, WTP will have to take it ITA
    27 June 2009:
    29 June 2009 (a):
    29 June 2009 (b):
    30 June 2009 - Surprise!
    In these troubled days, the Nazis have been replaced by even darker forces bent on destroying the very fabric of America. This can be seen in the frantic rush to: enslave The People with huge public debt, embrace homosexuality, diminish traditional faith, disrupt family values (same-sex marriage), and defy the Constitution. All these are being allowed by the voters, the majority of whom are now composed of apathetic and "me-first" dimwits.

    Matt, I have appreciated your work for years and years, yet it deeply frightens me how many "red headlines" and flashing "red alert" signals I am seeing in your headlines over just the first months of 2009. Their frequencies now are unprecedented across the 12 years I've been watching. There is something wrong in America - something of an Ill Omen is loose among us and is stalking our freedom. I believe We The People finally began to stalk it back with the "Teaparties" such as this one April 15, 2009 - Denver, CO.

    God Bless [the real] America !!


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