Last Update: 09/06/2005

 FLASH:   Sheryl's Island Nights wall hanging was featured in an article in the September 2005 Quilters Newsletter Magazine:

At first Sheryl was fretful because the magazine showed her Island Nights in a vertical - instead of the proper horizontal - position.  But on learning that hers was one of only three non-author pieces selected for the final publication (out of 20+ contenders) she was at last consoled.  Here she is holding this excellent work right-side up!

Below are detail closeups of the stitch-designs she used for Island Nights.  The "hi_res" links display high resolution images which can be up to 2.5 Mb in size.  If you are on a slow connection these will take quite a while to load.

  hi_res  hi_res

  hi_res  hi_res

NOTE: All designs shown were done freehand by Sheryl on her Gammill longarm machine.

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