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We hope you will want to own one of our handmade, original Quilts or quilted baby Crib Sets.   Each item is of heirloom quality and each is individually designed and stitched with loving care by a real American Grandmother: Sheryl !!  

FLASH:  Sheryl's  Island Nights wall hanging was featured in an article in the September 2005 Quilters Newsletter Magazine:


  Detailed Photos and Product Information:   

  Rainbow Bugs Crib Set     Sleepy Bee Crib Set  
  Cotton Candy Crib Set     Bears in the Woods Crib Set  

So what tools does Grandma Sheryl use to create these heirloom works of folk art?   Among them are three sewing machines, a serger, and this 12-foot long  Gammill quilting machine.   She guides it completely by hand.  There are no computers or automatic mechanisms involved  - no offshore factory - only the great skill and endless patience of one loving Grandma.  In this picture you see Grandma Sheryl herself working on the Cotton Candy set.

All of Grandma Sheryl's Quilts and Crib Sets are one-of-a-kind.  None is like any other that ever was or ever will be again.  When an item is sold, something new will eventually replace it.  Because each item takes a week to a month to create, and because Custom Orders are always given priority, there is usually little if any inventory on hand.

NOTE: This website is no longer being updated as Sheryl has sold her machine (2018).

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