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I was going to post the cartoon above without comment (a very hard thing for me to do)   But then the whole sorry mess that the Oh-So-Politically-Correct folks have made of our Christmas began to eat away at me.  These cowards are hiding behind the skirts of Lady Liberty, chanting their long-worn-out mantra: the Big Lie about the so-called "separation of church and state" allegedly mandated by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.   Of course the First Amendment  to the Constitution says no such thing (go ahead, click this link and read it for yourself), only that the Federal Government is forbidden to establish a national religion (such as the Church of England in the U.K.).  It was the liberal-activist US Supreme Court that, in 1947, "found" the so-called wall of separation of church and state when it took those words - out of context - from a private letter written by Thomas Jefferson.  Before 1947, there was no such notion and the Founding Fathers certainly had no thought that anyone could possibly interpret their Constitution and Bill of Rights otherwise.  In fact, on December 20, 2005 one of the U.S. appeals court rendered a confirming ruling, declaring, "The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state." Here is a pertinent  editorial opinion lambasting the sad state of the separation issue.

So sad that, even two years later (late October 2007) Sonja Horn (a Regulatory Director for the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development wrote a directive to all the managers of her public housing projects banning specific Christmas displays.  The text of that portion of her orders is shown below:

(the entire document (1.1 Mb .pdf) is available here).  Please, give Ms Horn a phone call and let her know how you feel about the matter.  Or, please complain to HUD itself at this web link.

 FLASH:  Your calls and letters did make a difference!  HUD attorney Steve Edelstein issued this statement within days:

"I am pleased to report that the ... recent newsletter regarding holiday decoration policies has been rescinded.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guarantees the rights of citizens to display religious symbols in public.  We support that guarantee..."

The fact is that whining, politically-correct, liberal handwringers such as Ms Horn actually want to banish the sight of God from their own eyes by feigning concern that non-Christians might somehow feel offended, excluded, or even persecuted by having to endure anything even remotely alluding to the birth, life, or death of Jesus.  The Jesus... Jesus the Messiah; Saviour of all men who believe that He died on the cross for our sins and three days hence ascended into Heaven to prepare a place for us there.

Some U.S. Congressthings have voted to recognize Islamic Ramadan while at the same time refusing to recognize the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith in American culture.  Please familiarize yourself with the Ways Of Islam - you will need to know in advance what you're up against as the Political Correctionists tirelessly work to stamp out Christian values in America.

I believe that the "separation" folks are scared out of their wits by the mere possibility that their selfish, hedonistic lives, and unnatural acts, will one day be accountable as [gasp] sins to an omnicient Creator God, the God of the Holy Bible.  They'd better be afraid, very afraid.

The logic is simple: there either is a living, omnicient Creator God or there is not.  This is a light switch kind of reality: on or off.   In statistical terms, it reduces to a probability of 1 (true) or 0 (false), just like pregnancy.   There is - can be - no middle ground.  

Even though the shrillest, loudest voices proclaim the "fact" that evolution alone is the source of all life, including mankind itself, they are in the minority (less than 40%).  However, some who believe in God's exclusive role in creating Man agree that there probably has been a limited process of Evolution at work:

"Did God create liberals?" asks one.  "No.  Liberals clearly evolved, by accident, from apes.  Dumb apes.  The average American liberal shows no hint of intelligent design.  No wonder liberals are pro-Darwin."

The folks who preach the "science" of Evolution are panicked by the notion that there is a real Creator God.  This is confirmed by the words of Darwinist Richard Lewontin of Harvard which were quoted in a recent article  (August 2005): "... we [pro-evolution scientists] have a prior commitment to materialism ... materialism is absolute for we cannot allow a divine foot in the door."  Even the mention of the term Intelligent Design as an equally valid world view invariably sends them into a paroxysm of defensive fury.  Not much inclusion and tolerance on their part.  One particularly excellent book on the subject of scientific intolerance is The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science by Tom Bethell.  A positive look at the competing theories of evolution versus the alternative worldview that the universe itself (and all life therein) is a result of intelligent design can be found at discovery.org.

If there is such an Entity as the God of the Holy Bible then there's a second, and unavoidable, light switch to be considered: Jesus of Nazareth.  There is probably not a single living scholar, agnostic, atheist, scientist - or anyone at all - who disputes the actual existence of an historical Jesus of Nazareth.   This was truly a living, breathing, person of human flesh and blood.   The disagreement comes as to whether he - or He - is/was in fact the Son of the Creator God (i.e., part of the Holy Trinity), exactly as He proclaimed.   He either is exactly who/what he/He said he/He is, or he was a liar and most likely insane to boot.   Again, a probability of 1 or 0.   If Jesus is who and what He proclaims to be, then the Creator God also exists because Jesus, being fully man and fully God, cannot lie.  Jesus proclaimed His Father God often in the New Testament.

Finally, a third light switch must also be considered: the Holy Bible.   Either it contains God's complete and inerrant Word, including those of the New Testament Jesus, or it does not.   If not, then all bets are off because there is no way to know what part is truth, and what part lie or folk tale.  But if indeed every word of the Bible is God-breathed, just like it says, then all of us better follow the Good Book to the letter, or else.  

Okay, so some will assert that Allah/Mohammed/Quran trumps God/Jesus/Bible in the celestial pecking order.  Others will offer up various combinations of supernatural entities such as god-in-us, Gaia, Great Spirit, Shiva, Buddah, and endless others (including aliens).  It comes down to only this folks: you have to pick your god-horse and ride it.   A few will win the race to Heaven (however they define it) on theirs, and all the rest will lose.  

Look around you - does the beauty of this planet and the surrounding firmament look like an accident?   The real losers are the atheists and agnostics who do not believe in a Divinity of any kind.  The militant faction of these further demand the same of the rest of us by endless repetition of the Big Lie.  If they are right (i.e., all three "switches" above are off), then nobody wins and everybody loses - my ultimate fate is oblivion, just the same as theirs.  But if I am right, then my spirit lives for eternity in a Heavenly Paradise (along with all others who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour) and all those who denied, doubted, and procrastinated will spend their eternity in Hell.   Tell me, friend, does betting on oblivion sound like much of a prize considering the risk at stake?

Bottom line, let me just say this: it offends me when the fears of a few atheist/secularists result in the purging of all references to God, Jesus, and Christmas from the entire public forum.  In December 2005 the movement to restore Christmas to its rightful place in public and business has finally gotten traction.

The Politically Correct watchdogs have decreed that jolly old Santa must amend his racially offensive laugh, and the twig eaters say he must go on a diet.  But none of the PC folks will complain that Christmas has been completely twisted into a carnival of commercialism.  The frantic gift-giving of sexy and violent toys (e.g., Barbie dolls and video games) to young girls and boys is contributing to a broad spectrum of our current social problems.  The old saying that it's time to "put Christ back in Christmas" has never been more true.

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