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The internal 3.7 gallon tank on the 400cc Yamaha Majesty can take one up to 200 miles. Even so, changing load, altitude, wind, and riding habits on a multi-state tour all can work to reduce that range considerably. For long distance touring, such as my 2,300 mile "CONMAZUT" tour, it is very comforting to carry a 2 gallon strap-on "just in case." I had to use it twice on that tour. Yes, one has to take the aux tank off to fill up, but the small inconvience beats the hell out of pushing!
Riders view from the Captains Chair. The V-1 helps avoid speed traps in and around cities. The GPS is handy for finding food, motels, etc. The 12-V outlets are very useful. A knot or two helps get the length and tension right.

The handlebar shroud hides a lot of accessory mounting points on the Yamaha Majexty Scooter. Unfortunately the shroud cannot be removed intact without partial dis-assembly of the front and rear hydraulic braking systems. Never a good thing - and what stupid engineering to require a complex and risky procedure for what should be a simple task.

Fortunately, two judicious cuts in the lower half of the plastic shroud makes easy removal possible without removing the handlebars or disassembly of the brake master cylinder hydraulic lines. See the last set of pic to see where to cut. The two cuts are made to the lower half of the shroud while it is still attached to the bike, in very close proximity to both brake hydraulic lines. Please be extra careful!

By removing the plastic handlebar shroud, one sees three very nice mounting points (circled in the enlarged photos). To one of these points I have attached an analog air temp dial. The other two could be used to mount a bar for holding a camera, GPS, radar detector, etc. As you see in the pix, I opted for a weighted & suction GPS mount. The V-1 radar detector (the very best there is) holds on firmly to the windshield with the suction cups.
Power to both the GPS and V-1 is via a female Battery-Tender aux cable direct from the battery and a "Y-type" 12-v cigarette lighter adaptor. Crude but very effective. A tin-snips is very handy for making the two cuts in the handlebar shroud. The necessary cuts are circled in both pix.

WARNING: Modifying your scooter in any way will void the warranty, cause you to go blind, and erase all your hard drives. Never exceed the speed limit. Do not play or ride in traffic. Always wear boots, gloves, helmet, and armored jacket. Do not eat or drink gasoline or other poisons.

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