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   "Have you forgotten ? How it felt that day?"    See Video
   "Have you forgotten ? When those towers fell ?"    See Lyrics & Chords

Over 20 years later, Americans are being fed carefully cleansed "history" in which any mention of Islam and its Muslim killers are masked behind generic words and phrases: Hijacker, activist, terrorist, fundamentalist, etc. are typical examples. You can see this for yourself at The 911 Archive*, where a boring and sanitized presentation buries any actual 9/11 details of those responsible under multiple screens and deep layers of obfuscation. This is surely the work of Progressive Leftist "hiss-torians" - the very same "Establishment" (aka ">The Swamp") that is controlling the Media, most county and state governments, and all of Academia (in particular local School Districts),

Since the 1980s, America's children have been nudged into Progressive/Leftist ways of thinking: Questioning the genetic sexual identity of themselves and others, believing America is: (1) The birthplace of slavery, (2) The reason for "Climate Change", (3) The root cause of World Hunger and (4) Utterly Evil for embracing Capitalism over Socialism. These same kids have grown up and are Voting for Progressive/Leftist politicians (i.e. Democrats) and ideas. Every American born in 2004, or before, will be permitted to vote in the 2022 & 2024 elections. even worse, Progressive/Leftists continue to aggressively push legislation allowing 16-year-olds to Vote in America's elections.

I remember September 11th, 2001 very well. I spent most of it capturing images that are now difficult or impossible to retrieve now. When I next fire up my off line archive/hard drive I will post many of them here. This will take 3-5 weeks. Meanwhile, here is a "9-Eleven" slide show (5Mb .pps file) from mid-2007 that has a few of the then-new images of the 2001 Muslim attack on the Twin Towers. In 2020 (and beyond) Progressive/Leftists controlling the Mainsewer Media will continue to cynically suppress facts and images surrounding the Truths of 9-11.

36 Reporters on the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition: 9-11 Technical Analysis and Videos

Still, even "de-culturalized" versions have failed to decouple Muslims from the September 11th 2001 attack, But was it possible that their attack on the Twin Towers was masterminded by a deeper and more sinister conspiracy? [00:10:40 YT video] What about the Pentagon attack on 9-11? [00:09:16 YT Video] Draw you own conclusions, but for my part I rule out nothing because The Swamp/Establishment has been around for generations before 9-11.

   Progressive Censorship ALERT:   Neither of the words "Islam" or "Muslim" appear in that "Twin Towers" Wikipedia article linked immediately above. "Islamic" and "Arabic" appear only once. The word "Saudi" appears twice, but only in connection with the elevator-design used in the Twin Towers!

* NOTE: The 911 Archive*, linked both at left and further above, is co-produced by the Progressive/Leftist Roy Rosenzweig Center for History ("RRCHNM"), that says of itself:

"We create websites ... to preserve and present the past, transform scholarship across the humanities, advance history education and historical understanding, and encourage popular participation in the practice of history. ...RRCHNM has developed more than sixty projects, including online resources for teachers; online collections, ...and forums to develop knowledge and build community among those in the humanities working with digital technology."
and the Progressive/Leftist American Social History Project/Center (ASHP/CML), which says of itself:
"ASHP/CML challenges traditional ways that people learn about the past with its print, visual, and multimedia materials that explore the diverse social and cultural histories of the nation. Our professional development seminars help teachers use the latest scholarship, technology, and active learning methods."
  "present the past" "practice of history" "challenges traditional ways" These code-phrases, my friends, are evidence and proof of Progressive/Leftist historical revisionism at work! It is far from accidental 2020 Voters (18 and older) have only Politically Correct information about the September 11, 2001 attack on America.
I especially recommend RUMBLE, available for your laptop, smart phones Android or Apple. I still recommend that you audition - then choose - Fox Business News as your go-to source for honest live news coverage (social, political, and business) of World and American events. I was watching FBN live when, on January 10th 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average first broke $29,000 (thank you, real President Trump).

Let me be clear: Fox Business News is far superior and not the same as: "Fox Network News" or any local Fox TV affiliate station. Both Fox Business News and Rumble (and many other streaming sources) are available on ROKU set-top boxes and ROKU TV SETS, With a ROKU box or ROKU TV you can play videos, photos, music, screen mirroring, and more from your Apple or Android device on your TV.



September 2020 will be the 16th anniversary of yet another Islamic horror: In Russia 186 children were murdered (700 more hospitalized) in early September, 2004, by Islamic terrorists who took an entire school hostage - or had you forgotten?  ? The cleansed internet searches you find in 2021 refer to a 'terrorist attack' and the unholy attackers as 'militants' or Chechen rebels'. Many of these children were shot in the back by the cowardly Islamic raiders as the terrified children tried to escape their captors.  Many more helpless children were killed, along with their mothers and teachers, by nail-packed bombs.  Others were crushed or burned to death from the secondary effects of those bombs.  The pictures you see here are but a few examples of the many more Beslan School atrocities perpetrated by followers of The Religion of "Peace" (?). More pictures from that terrible time are posted at this link (Caution: Very graphic). Beslan School today:

"A Memorial was erected in the cemetery to the victims of Beslan. Called ‘The Tree of Sorrow’, it represents four mothers holding each other’s hands. The souls of the children who perished fly above them like birds. Body parts of children which could not be identified are buried beneath the Memorial in the Beslan schoolyard."

  "And far below your Heaven, hearts are wondering why,
   Why would anyone hurt Gods children?
   How could anyone harm them at all?
   Send me half your angels,   We're running out of time.
   Send me half your angels,   I'll send you half of mine.
   Hope they get there in time"

Lyrics: Send Me Half_Your_Angels.pdf
  "While you're in Heaven sleeping on the wind,
   Ask your heart to forgive this evil.
   Ask your soul to forgive us all."

Please play these two YouTube Videos:

  " If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one,
   Drying in the color of the evening sun.
   Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away,
   But something in our minds will always stay."

Lyrics: How Fragile We Are.pdf
  "Show that love has really struck a chord,
   Never more to strike with gun or sword.
   More flowers, fewer funerals, and children not at war,
   Show that love can always mute the roar."


Meanwhile, back, back, back in the USSA, our children are being taught by Progressive Leftist Schools (all of them, I think) how to protect themselves with condoms. Progressive Leftists, in control of most local School Districts, have also declared schools to be Gun Free Zones. This is inviting a Beslan-style Muslim attack on our children. In contrast, teachers in Israel are permitted to carry guns (many are fully automatic) to protect their students.