My Late Friend, Scott Robbins [last update May 20, 2008]

My best friend, neighbor, and riding buddy Scott Robbins passed away suddenly on May 27, 2007.  An unknown heart defect was the cause of death.  The pictures below are of a young Scott and his family [and many thanks to them for providing these images].  Left-clicking on any image will bring up a larger version (then use your browser's [BACK] button to return to this page].  You can download any image by right-clicking on it and then selecting one of the options such as "Save as" or "Save image as" depending on your browser.

One of Scott's younger relatives, Amber, wrote this touching eulogy for Scott (.txt)  (color version and hi-res color) and read it at his memorial service which was attended by dozens of family members and several hundreds of friends and co-workers from all over the nation.  Thank you Amber for sharing your feelings, straight from the heart.

Scott and I shared some memorable times together, many of them on the road.  We took our motorcycles on two remarkable journeys, documented at these links: Monument Valley (2003) and California (2004).  I cherish all the days and hours I had with Scott and have this final image to share with all who visit here:

To Scott...  For all the good times we had, and all those that I believe are yet to come.

Your friend,

Dan Martin
Longmont, CO