Posted: February 5, 2005  1:00 a.m. Eastern    2005

The liberal elite's stranglehold on America

By Dr. Kelly Hollowell

Ah, the hoity-toity pretenses of America's academic elite and liberal media. Like the king with no clothes, both they and all of America will one day see they are as naked and indefensible as the doctrines they so vehemently espouse as truth.

The academic elite and liberal media are merely a well-organized club of people who for money or opportunity have esteemed themselves as the only ones qualified to establish the direction and pace for progressive thinking, or should I say thinking of any kind. The rest of us should be content to listen and follow.

But I saw something this week that made me think we may be living in the midst of the next greatest generation one capable and willing to put a stop to the pretenses. This generation bleeds red not blue and follows humbly, yet holds fast with fierce commitment to, the values and ideals of the last greatest generation the one of World War II.

I saw American soldiers men and women patriots everyone, bringing freedom and democracy to a Muslim nation. Sometimes the picture showed soldiers collapsed in exhaustion, others fighting off insurgents, still others offering a handshake and a pep talk to native children. But in all, I saw truth marching on. I saw it in their eyes.

And truth like that can't be forever shrouded by the lies and propaganda touted by self-aggrandized academic elite and liberals of America, no matter how tight their stranglehold on universities and media outlets.

Sure, the libs will say there is too much hype over the free election in Iraq. They will say Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" was a cinematic failure. They will make academic outcasts of those who question the tenets of Darwin's theory of evolution. And in many places they may currently hold keys to doors of opportunity and public adoration. But they share stage with the worst propagandists of all times.

They are the ilk of Hitler, Lenin and Jim Jones. They gain power over the nation by arousing it to emotions that overcome thought all the while proclaiming themselves the gatekeepers of logic.

Take abortion, evolution and homosexuality as examples.

First, the leading argument for making abortion legal on demand throughout pregnancy has always been to save the life of the mother. But prior to Roe, there never was any state that prohibited abortion to save the life of the mother. There never will be even when Roe v. Wade is overturned, because the critical element is intent.

For example, if in saving the life of the mother the child's life is lost, the intent to kill the child is removed. That means murder by abortion, which is the deliberate and intentional taking of the unborn life, has not occurred.

In addition, there is no secret hidden clause in the Constitution that gives women the right to kill her unborn child. The majority in America knows and is committed to this truth. We need only demand our right to vote on the issue.

Second, while the careers of skilled scientists drop like flies at the mere mention of intelligent design, the majority of Americans know that life doesn't spring from a rock. They know that a junkyard of material will remain a pile of junk, not self-assemble into a functioning life form if left alone for a few thousand or even million years.

But firing high-school teachers, science editors and researchers at all levels is the only way the liberal fear mongering machinery can keep its stranglehold on the academic institutions that is until thinking people demand a real vote on what should be taught to our children and "out" evolution as a theory not a fact.

Third, although harmful and unnatural, the gay lifestyle is a choice for a slim minority of Americans. That means judicial activism, the primary vehicle for advancing the gay agenda, must be brought to a screeching halt. It merely pushes a minority view through the courts of liberal judges that can't pass the legislative bodies. This is a backdoor effort to have minority values dictate to the majority.

This was evidenced in the last election as every state with the marriage issue on the ballot saw value voters shoot down same-sex matrimony. Of course, the liberals chide that the value voters are ignorant, antiquated and bigoted. But we must further our hand not retract it, perhaps by allowing the people to vote whether or not judges remain on the bench.

For now, large portions of the public respond to liberal propaganda as though it were mass hypnosis. They nod at the hype and rhetoric with an enraptured look on their face. At the same time, critical thinkers are marginalized and made outcasts. How ironic and hypocritical that no one is encouraged to test or criticize the main tenets of liberal thinking but only to quash any contrary ideas.

Liberals are delusional fear mongers who hold huge sway in at least two mainstream arenas the media and academic circles. They hold their sway only until men and women of courage stand up and stare down the propaganda with a real conviction to truth, God, country and family.

That's just what I see in our men and women over seas the next greatest generation. Is it in you?

Kelly Hollowell, J.D., Ph.D., is a scientist, patent attorney and adjunct law professor of bioethics. She is a senior strategist for the Center for Reclaiming America, a conference speaker and founder of Science Ministries Inc.


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