Tuesday, February 22 2011 - by Daniel Martin
West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver:

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I drove 50 miles south from Longmont Colorado to witness the Democrat/SEIU organized demonstration in Denver supporting unionized Wisconsin Government workers. In a way
it was deja vu, because I had not been back to the Colorado state capitol building since attending my first teaparty rally in 2009.

Soon, there were many other citizens like myself who were not paid to be there but wanted to express support for the Governor of Wisconsin and his determined effort to balance the state budget, as mandated by the Wisconsin State Constitution. I also wanted to see what the Service Employees International Union ("SEIU") and other union attendees were up to. Their demonstration was an officially organized and paid-for event.

One of the teapartiers down by the street gave me a yellow Gadsden ("Don't Tread On Me") flag which I waved proudly for the rest of the time I was there. One of the cops came up and asked who was my 'organizer' and I told him simply that I was just a private citizen (wish I'd said 'George Washington' instead). He seemed very surprised and walked away.

I saw a union dad and his son among the protesters. The lad seemed to me to be 7 or 8 years old. Since today was a Tuesday I wondered if he should be in school instead, but maybe his teacher had called in "sick". 2/3 of Wisconsin public school 8th graders
do not have adequate reading skills. An AFL/CIO union sign next to the boy says
'JOBS is Job One' - looks like school teachers haven't all done such a great job with grammar, either.

Very troubling to me among the union supporters was a group of young people in support of anything but America and her rule of law. "Forget Workers rights, its Time for WORKERS CONTROL" their sign warned. Another of them nearby waved a large Mexican flag. This scene seemed to have all the trappings of a 'People's Revolution' - Communism; part of the New World Order; the Mexican La Raza movement. Conspiracy, anyone?

A middle aged white lady walking a dog passed by on the sidewalk and suddenly hissed in my white face, "RACIST! HATER!" She embarassed herself with this unprovoked "drive-by" attack. I feel sorry, not angered, for such as these whose greatest logical skill is name-calling.

A nearby 30-ish couple, also white, saw and heard the lady's outburst. They were clearly taken back by the unexpected verbal assault. We briefly spoke of the incident, and I found out they lived on an Iowa farm and had come to visit the Colorado State Capitol building. They had not expected a demonstration to be in progress. After all was said, I believe they were more impressed with the friendlier conduct (mine in particular haha) of the teaparty.

There at least one black among the teapartiers at the Colorado capitol, but he was not treated very well by a SEIU (union) member, according to another report (I did not personally see this). There were few if any blacks among the union demonstrators.

On the other side of the street a black woman was giving grief to a white teapartier. I could not actually hear what she was saying but his body language clearly shows his discomfort. During the whole event I never saw any teapartier that was rude or abusive. None made any attempt to personally confront any union demonstrators.

Earlier, a large fellow - about 6' 4' and 250 pounds - had rushed out at me from the union ranks. His eyes were bulging, face red and contorted in rage. 'If you want to take on labor it will be a fight you will regret,' he screamed in my face. Boldly (?) spoken, Mr. Union Bully... I am retired, only 5' 7", and will soon celebrate my 71st birthday. Perhaps the Goliath felt guilty - or was overcome with fear of me (yeah, sure) - but for whatever reason, he quickly retreated back into the solidarity of his union buddies. In a senior moment, I was unable to catch a video to document the fury of this man. Too bad it can never make The Blaze but I'll never forget it.

It became apparent that the union demonstrators were annoyed by the counter-protest of the teaparty group. The union group became increasingly agitated, turned away from the Capitol building, and moved down the hill to confront the teapartiers face to face. Maybe like Goliath, they were answering a US Congressman's (D-Mass) inciting a call for blood. A thin blue line of Denver cops kept a 6-foot DMZ between us - a good thing for sure. The two groups would definitely be a hypergolic mixture (ka-BOOM).

A Channel 7 TV news crew interviewed me at some length. No way to know as I write this how much (if any) of it, or when, it might be broadcast. I saw a sign on the ground discarded by a careless teapartier. Its message was good. Not to allow either waste or litter, I picked it up and took it for my own. I waved it enthusiastically at the passing cars along with my yellow flag. The ratio of friendly honks outnumbered the fingers at least 10:1

Click here to see a 35 sec youtube video I shot that day.

Below are some of the pictures I took of the protest on February 22nd 2011, with no further comment. Click on the pix to read the signs more easily. I leave it to you, dear viewer, to evaluate the carriers (and their message) and then to decide which signs belonged to which side:

A final thought - February 23 was the 175th anniversary of The Alamo. May each of us remember - in awe and humility - the true cost of freedom. What will you be willing to pay?? The bill has been piling up and is now past due. Who will stand? Who will stay, as Colonel Travis did, to face 'Victory or Death?' Here is the link to the full story.

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Previously that morning at 11:30 AM I had parked in a 2-hour zone on Sherman street close to the Denver Capitol building. So as not to get a ticket, I returned to my car at 1:15 PM - only to find a $75 parking ticket on my windshield time stamped at 12:49 PM - only an hour and 19 minutes later. Is this government corruption in action or simple public-worker incompetance? A sorry end to my effort to stand up for the America and the Constitution of our Founders.

But I am going to fight the machine! To have been guilty of this alleged violation I would have had to be parked on this Denver street prior to 10:49 AM. It just so happens that I was in the presence of a 1STBank officer in Parker, CO up until 10:35 AM that same morning. The bank officer is going to write me a letter to that effect, and look up corroborating video on the bank's security cameras! I would have had to travel at near light-speed to get from Parker to downtown Denver in the 14 minutes between 10:35 and 10:49 AM. By the way, the City of Denver has quite the racket going on bogus parking tickets. Think I can beat the rap? Will there be retribution?