Last Updated: June 25 2007


 LIKE-NEW 2005 HONDA GL1800A (ABS) ** 17,000 MILES **

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I am the original owner of this 2005 Gold Wing GL1800A (VIN 1HFSC47495A409511), purchased new in May 2006 from the dealer while still in the crate. She may be two model-years old, but is barely 1 year old on the road. This is Honda's 30th Anniversary flagship. They just don't make 'em any better than this and maybe never will. Example: This 'Wing has four fairing vents while newer models have only two!

The 3-year, unlimited-mileage, Honda warranty (transferable to the new owner) remains in force through April 2009 (it did not start until May, 2006), and the bike is eligible for the Honda Extended Warranty for four additional years - until 2013. She has always been garage-kept and gently adult-ridden only by me, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach. I know how to ride well and I've ridden this bike right.

She has the well-proven (but expensive) safety of the Honda Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to keep you and your passenger safe. Also included are the $250 optional speed/fog lights, another great safety feature which helps make you and the bike more visible.
Safety and peace of mind - Priceless.

The 1800cc, 118hp flat-6 motor is buttery smooth and utterly vibrationless. Everyone knows that Honda makes 200,000 mile engines, and this one will be no exception.

She is now pushing 17,000 miles, mostly Colorado highway riding. Oil & filter have been changed every 3,000 miles. This is a rocket-fast, dependable machine that consistently gives 45+ miles-per-gallon, even 2-up in the mountains. Easy 250 mile range on each tank.

This bike is not festooned with expensive (and heavy) chrome gadgets that I expect you to pay for.  This is a serious riders bike for serious riders, not some art object or swishy showboat.

As you see in the photos, this Gold Wing is stunningly attired in the most beautiful (and fastest) Honda color ever: Candy Dark Cherry.  Absolutely mouth-watering, eye-popping radiance at sunrise and sunset.  You'll be seeing many of these on the road when you own this bike.

She has never been down, even in a parking lot. The finish is 9 out of 10 yet there is the patina of minor blemishes that come with everyday use. This bike is not a museum-piece, just a powerful and responsive daily rider, definitely an eager ally to speed you away from wherever you are safely to your final destination - however far away that is.

Automotive-type Cruise Control makes 600-mile days uncommonly pleasant.

Premium Audio System with 12 FM presets, 6 AM presets, 6 Weather Bands, and an additional AUX audio input for your iPOD, GPS, or radar detector. Fully integrated driver/passenger music & intercom systems, all with auto-mute and ambient-noise compensation. The radio will even automatically populate all the presets with the strongest local AM & FM stations any time(s) you want when traveling.  Sweet!  Pre-wired for the fully integrated Honda CD Changer and CB radio (not included or installed - either is typically available on eBay for about $500). An extended AUX audio cable is included.

Handy power reverse system means you don't have to ask your wife or buddy to help push you out of a steep parking space. No risk of dropping the bike from trying to tip-toe backwards on loose gravel.

Electrically adjustable suspension (with two memory presets) keeps road manners impeccable, even 2-up and heavily loaded with luggage. Use the lowest setting when riding solo for a nice, low seat height.

Dunlop "Elite 3" radial tires are not down to the wear markers. These are great tires with lots of adhesion and long life - a rare combination - and I highly recommend them. Original Honda Owner's Manual is included, but I threw away the useless Honda "toolkit" a long time ago.

As you see in the pictures, a low "Sport" windshield is installed, but the original, OEM vented windshield ($130 on eBay) is also included with the bike in this auction. Sport shield has scuffs near the bottom from sliding up and down. Original shield is nearly perfect, with only a few thousand miles of on-road use.

Other extras: 12v power outlet is included (but not installed) for the trunk and plugs into the wiring harness. A magnetic oil plug captures any heavy metal particles that may get dislodged from the tranny. Transparent protective covers for both headlamps and fog/speed lights are installed. They will save you hundreds of $$ by preventing breakage from rocks and road debris. One foglamp cover has been dinged, sacrificing itself to save the fog lamp lens - so you know the covers are good to have! Several extra foglamp covers are included.

My reason for reluctantly selling: I am 67 years old and think that something smaller and lighter will be easier on my arthritic knees - maybe a Honda SilverWing. My pain is your gain...


The fine print:

  • I reserve the right to end this auction early as the bike is being advertised for sale locally.
  • My Title to the bike is in-hand and is free & clear.
  • Radar-detector mount, MP3 player, and associated wiring are not included (will be removed prior to sale).
  • Bike is still being ridden so actual mileage will be slightly higher than pictured.
  • Deposit of $500 via PayPal within 48 hours of winning bid.
  • Sale is final, as-is, and with no return, except that:
  • Your Deposit will be refunded in full if the bike fails to pass your personal inspection.
  • Cashiers Check must be verified by me before title is signed over and bike is delivered.
  • Wire transfer must appear in my bank before title is signed over and bike is delivered.
  • Pickup (no shipping) must be within 7 days of winning bid.
  • I will help you load, or pick you up at the Denver airport (DIA).